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Buglawton Primary is a high attaining local authority school on the outskirts of Congleton, Cheshire. With a strong emphasis on the safeguarding of children, in particular the recording and monitoring of late and absent pupils, the school were keen to explore a more secure sign-in solution at reception.
Having discussed their requirements with our education specialist, they decided to opt for a digital sign-in solution from
InVentry, complete with badge printer and labels. This system was installed in April 2018.
We visited the school a month later to see how they were getting on with the system. Natalie Catterall, School Business Manager provided her feedback and gave us an insight into why they chose a digital solution.

What was your reason for choosing a digital system?

“To become GDPR compliant. We were concerned that visitors to the school could see the data of others when signing in and out of the school. This was a concern especially because the school regularly hold child protection meetings so we needed to ensure there was a heightened level of confidentiality.”

What did you use previously?

“We printed three types of record sheets out ourselves; one for visitors signing in and out, a second for children signing in and out for authorised absences and a third for children to sign in when arriving late. In addition to this we also had a staff signing in board. Each of these systems required a lot of manual paper handling and on occasion we would run out of sheets, meaning our team would have to quickly print some more!”

Why lnVentry?

“It’s a whole system that includes a badge printer and labels and has all round capabilities such as integration with SIMS and recording of lates, It’s just what we were looking for, if not more.
It was an easy decision for us to go with InVentry. It’s so easy for everyone to use and it allows us to keep our pupils safe and secure; plus the real winner for us was the recording of lates – this feature is great!”

InVentry Sign-in System Case Study

Buglawton Primary School chose to install the In Ventry system to help with their visitor, staff and student management- signing every person in and out of school. Their set up in reception included a wall mounted monitor, with barcode scanner and camera, pass printer and self adhesive passes.
Natalie Catterall, School Business Manager, provided further feedback on the system.

How has InVentry helped your initial areas for concern?

“It has undoubtedly made us GDPR compliant.
In Ventry is a one-stop solution, allowing us to check all visitors, staff and students in and out of site.
It’s so easy for our visitors, staff and students to use!”

How does the system help support you with safeguarding?

“We can easily see at a glance who is late and effectively monitor attendance.
This system will also allow us to react quickly and effectively in the event of an evacuation. With our previous paper records, this would have certainly been a challenge.”

What do you like most about the system?

“We love the convenience of the whole system and its ease of use.
Plus the ability to see fates at a glance and sign groups in and out of school – where previously we may have simply assumed that this class was off site.”

What do parents and visitors think of the system?

“They find it so easy to use and just like us, they think it’s so much better for confidentiality.

When a child is late, both staff and parents understand that this is an accurate record of their lateness which unlike our previous paper systems prevents a lot of parent queries.”

Are there any particular features that work well for your school?

“Yes, the class/group signing in and out works really well. Our children regularly attend swimming lessons off site, which means we can now sign those pupils out of school and exclude anyone that is not able to go. Previously this was not something we did – they would still have been classed as ‘in school’ on a register.”

How does linking with SIMS help your school?

“With the lates, we are now able to see them at a glance or run/print a report on SIMS. This is so quick and easy for us to do.”

Would you recommend this system to other schools?

“Yes, undoubtedly.”

Is there anything else you wish to comment on?

“Yes, I would like to say that the support from Safetynet has been really good!
Nathan, our account manager, kept us informed about the installation date and was proactive in answering our questions afterwards. In fact, I mentioned in passing a difficulty that I was having with the system – no sooner had I got off the phone than InVentry phoned to talk me through my query – Nathan had informed them immediately, without even being asked!”

Buglawton Primary School - InVentry Case Study

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