Bespoke Lanyards

Lanyard printing is available in screen printed, dye-sublimation or woven finishes. For best results, choose a base lace with a contrasting text colour. Minimum order quantity of only 100 lanyards.

Safetynet Lanyard & Cardholder

Bespoke options

Screen printed: text onto satin or polyester for an economical choice for a personalised lanyard.

Dye-sublimation printed: lanyards offer a higher quality, durable print which is smooth to the touch.

Woven: personalised lanyards provide a long-lasting, clearly branded, eye-catching product. Depending on your design, choose between a robust, hard wearing lanyard, or a more luxurious finer weave lightweight lanyard, suitable for creating a more complex design.

Screen Print vs Dye-SubScreen Printed Technique




Dye Sublimation Printing Technique

HM WovenWoven Technique


Whatever effect you’re looking for, or if you’re not sure exactly what you need, just get in touch with our team who will talk you through all the different options available to you.


Our lanyards can be fitted with a wide range of attachments. In addition to attachment to ID cards, wallets or badge reels, we can also supply multiple attachments on a single lanyard. For example, a USB loop and crane hook can be fitted to the same lanyard.




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We recommend fitted safety breaks to all customised lanyards – if the lanyard is pulled or gets snagged, the breakaway releases. This is essential for complying with health and safety requirements. Breakaways are black in colour with white versions available on request. Connectors 4

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Custom Rainbow Staff Lanyard


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