Authorised Absence System – Copy Resistant


Fully Customised

Our paper systems assist in the monitoring of not only whether pupils are absent with or without the permission of the school, but also why pupils are absent. Recorded attendances in paper registers are then used by schools to report on the number of authorised and unauthorised absences for each pupil.

Ofsted state that the key features of outstanding safeguarding practice include: rigorous monitoring of absence, with timely and appropriate follow-up, to ensure that pupils attend regularly.

The tear out passes use special inks that make the passes extremely difficult to copy or photocopy, helping to prevent unauthorised duplication or counterfeit usage.

Whilst the pass book or ‘One-Write’ visitor systems record who is on your premises; for students needing to legitimately leave school, the information is all recorded using our authorised absence passes. A copy of which is then distributed to the pupil.

  • Size: W 265mm x H 297mm

Standard Entry Fields Include:

  • Day
  • Date
  • Print Pupil’s Name
  • Tutor Group
  • Time Out
  • Reason for Absence
  • Authorised By
  • Expected Time Back
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