Contractor Management System Pad Kit


A Contractor Management System Pad Kit consisting of:

  • Contractor Management System Pad
  • 200 Passes
  • Padded Cover Writing Board
  • 10x Contractor Wallets
  • 10x Flip Top Reinforced Strap Clips

Contractor Management System Pad

Contractor Management System Pad - KIT_08_02
A paper pass system with 5 passes per page which record all the contract information on the front with notice information on the reverse, ensuring every contractor is aware of procedures.

Ideal if you would like all the benefits of a contractor book but would also like the added benefits of data protection and reporting.

The pad consists of a top white copy onto which details are written and automatically duplicated to a bottom yellow copy – the top copy is torn out of the book to be kept in a pass holder and kept with the contractor; the bottom copy is a permanent record that remains in the book.

Protect contractor’s identities with a discreet sheet/data protection sheet. This prevents the contractor who is signing in from seeing details of previous contractors, and so offers a high level of confidentiality.

  • Pad Size: W 235mm x H 305mm
  • Capacity: 200 numbered passes

Entry Fields:

  • Valid Date & Time (From & To)
  • Contractor Name
  • Contractor Contact No.
  • Contractors Company
  • Vehicle Reg
  • Site Contact
  • No. In Team
  • Work Area
  • Keys Issued (Y/N)

There is also a table for the contractor to tick, indicating the type of work to be carried out along with a Permit to Work prompt for certain types of work. The fields are:

  • Electrical – Specify*
  • Welding, Brazing, Soldering or Gas Cutting*
  • Lifts & Hoists / Roof Work / High Level above 2ms*
  • Confined Spaces*
  • Internal / External Window Cleaning
  • Mechanical Maintenance – Specify
  • Building Maintenance – Specify
  • Any Other Duties – Specify

*Prompt for additional Permit to Work forms

Padded Cover Writing Board

Contractor Management System Pad - KIT_08_05
Give a professional impression with this durable padded cover.

Contractor PVC Wallet Landscape

A clear and red, flexible PVC card protector in landscape orientation pre-printed with ‘contractor’. Includes slots for your choice of attachment. Perfect for use with our contractor cards and paper passes.

  • Landscape orientation
  • Manufactured from clear, flexible PVC with red coloured band
  • Pre-printed white text on coloured band

10x Flip Top Re-Inforced Strap Clips

Our flip top clips are ideal for displaying access cards and ID cards by simply clipping onto your clothes.

Contractor Management System Pad
Padded Cover Writing Board – Unbranded
ITM-00000198 – Contractor Wallets
ITM-00000028 – Flip Top Clips
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