EasyBadge Deluxe Printer & Software Bundle


ID and Access Card Printing made easy!

Bundle contents:

  • EasyBadge PVC Card Printer
  • 200 Print Colour Ribbon & 200 Plastic Cards
  • EasyBadge Card Printing Software – Professional Edition worth £295 ex VAT
  • Free EasyBadge App for Mobile & Tablet
  • EasyBadge Secure Card UV Torch

This Deluxe Bundle also contains:

  • Webcam (model may vary)
  • 10x Lanyards (contact us with your preferences)
  • 10x Card Holders (contact us with your preferences)


EasyBadge PVC Card Printer


Fast & cost effective PVC ID and access card printing

Designed and manufactured for a stress free printing experience. We’ve given you a head start by already installing a colour print ribbon, so it’s just a matter of loading the bundled PVC cards and hitting the print button!

Easy Ribbon Installation

Frustration free ribbon replacement.

5 Year Warranty CrestFive Year Warranty

With its rigorous testing and intensive quality control, it’s incredibly unlikely that you will ever need to use it!


Add extra security to your badge with a UV print (UV capable print ribbon included). Invisible to the naked eye, UV printed imagery or text can only be seen using a UV torch – also included with the bundle.

Instantly Issuable

The moment a badge is printed, it’s ready to be worn. No time needed for drying or further processes such as a lamination overlay to protect.

EasyBadge ID Card Printing Software

Professional Edition worth £295 ex VAT

EasyBadge _Software_01EasyBadge Pro gives you unlimited records and with its simple and intuitive is the most advanced card printing software available on the planet. Printing plastic cards in under 60 seconds is simple with EasyBadge as the set-up wizard will guide you through the installation process and use your current logo or artwork to create a new card design.

Installing the free EasyBadge app removes the headache of capturing images as the app allows you to search, add new records, edit existing records and also capture new images using the camera from your smartphone or tablet – from anywhere in the world.

EasyBadge is full of support features and the interactive help system allows you to ask questions within the software and not only will you receive the answer you can then opt for EasyBadge to complete the task for you.

As EasyBadge Pro provides an unlimited number of records, it is ideal for larger corporation staff ID cards systems and clubs or organisations wishing to quickly and easily issue members with stunning plastic membership cards.

EasyBadge card printing software is compatible with Microsoft Windows systems only.

Free EasyBadge App for Mobile & Tablet

EasyBadge _App_01Using the free app, you can upload new records from anywhere in the world to your desktop computer via the cloud.

Downloadable from Google Play or the Apple App Store, this innovation allows either yourself or a colleague to collect data and images for use with the card designer software using a smartphone – even if you are away from your desktop computer, or off site completely.

For more information on the EasyBadge software and free APP, click here.

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