Key Management System Pad (300 Records)


Key Management System Pad

A 10 per page record system which records all the information of the key and the person on the front with notice information on the reverse, ensuring every person is aware of the procedure.

The pad consists of a top white copy onto which details are written and automatically duplicated to a bottom yellow copy – the top copy is torn out of the book to be kept with the person taking the key; the bottom copy is a permanent record that remains in the book.

  • Pad Size: W 235mm x H 305mm
  • Capacity: 300 numbered records

Entry Fields:

  • Name (Print)
  • Company/Dept.
  • Date of Issue
  • Time Out
  • Key No.
  • No. keys On Bunch
  • Signature
  • Auth’d By
  • Key Received Back By
  • Date Returned
  • Time In
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